velak export #14___01.04.2016
Venue: Venster99
Stadtbahnbögen 99
1090 Vienna

start: 21h

Mikko Savela
is a guitarist of finnish origin, born and based in Umeå, Sweden. He uses his guitar laying down, more as a percussion instrument than a guitar, by plucking the strings by both hands and hitting metallic objects on the guitar body. http://www.mikkosavela.com/

Martí Guillem
Heterodox artist, who manipulates electronic devices, sounds, images, videos, actions and objects, where it often becomes unusual, unique. Marti seems convinced that 'the mystery' is before us, and he shows to us. His creative discoveries tell us in some way, that 'we can start from here something that will take us very far. "When he wants is an irreverent educated and / or make beautiful things and / or show you the beauty of what others call 'ugly'. The pleasure he experiences is perceived and feels almost like an act of generosity that invites you to attend. Marti is one of those artists who in their artistic approach is much of the message. He is the surprise " (text by Alvaro Pichó) http://marti-net.blogspot.co.at/

Department Pop
The institute of transacoustic Research (iftaf) was founded in the year 1998 and works and investigates since then in the imaginary field of „transacoustics“. It's not primarly about acoustics, but about its relation to other fields. Methods of science are applied on art and music, and the other way around. The department „Pop“ of the institute deals with the phenomenon of the commercial and hypnotic mass effectifity of the genre pop music and investigates the aspects of the musical structure as well as of sound design and instrumentation and linguistic construction. http://www.iftaf.org/

photos by Sophie Dvořák